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Artist Statement

Art for me is primarily a way to speak from the first and third person at the same time. When a work is created, it becomes both a personal and impersonal statement that exposes the (cultural, political, social) structures of the surrounding reality.

With this approach, the idea is more primary than the form, so my work is realized in completely different mediums. I paint, create conceptual objects, shoot video art, tattoos and go out into the streets with street art projects.

Street art is the field of art in which my first (perhaps most famous) works were realized. But at the moment, street art is only one of my areas of activity. Along with the transition to other forms of art, I began to use new materials when creating works. In particular, when creating paintings, I went from spray cans and markers to acrylic and further to oil.

Art is not concrete works, but a process. Reality is changeable, and together with reality my approaches to fixing and displaying it change and mutate.

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